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March 9, 2013

Weed and Marijuana: A Must Component of American’s Teenager’s Life

Weed and Marijuana are widely used among American people; especially in teenager their use is very common. The first thing that comes to our mind while thinking about weed is the word DRUG (but in negative terms). Well I should say that we have over rated the impacts of weed. It is not all bad and evil thing, it can also be used in a beneficial way. Here is another tip for you, if you really want to know about these drugs in a fun way then you have to watch Seth Rogen and James Franco starer The Pineapple Express.

The Addiction

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Addiction is basically defined as continuing to do something despite the negative consequences. There are all kinds of addictions – drugs, tobacco, gambling, and even sex addictions. And marijuana use can become an addiction as well. It is possible for people to become addicted to marijuana. Because marijuana increases Dopamine, which creates the “high” that users feel, a user may feel increased urges to smoke marijuana repeatedly – and repeated use can lead to addiction.

There are many reasons people report using marijuana. Some report that it helps them relax or fall asleep. Others, state that they are more Creative under the influence of the drug. Marijuana is often identified as a Social Drug and is often smoked in groups. Some people report that smoking gives them something to do so they aren’t bored. Others identify smoking marijuana to help with anger management, depression, or feelings of anxiety.

The Bright Side

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All of marijuana’s effects on the brain are not negative; there are some Positive Things it can do for a person. It can help to regulate pain, as it acts as a blocker to the Pain Receptor Sites. Marijuana can help decrease symptoms of nausea or vomiting that may accompany illness such as cancer and HIV/AIDS and increase the appetite of a person with such an illness. Symptoms of anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder can also be managed with marijuana. The affect the substance has on the amygdala causes an ability to relax and be less reactive to things that normally cause fear or discomfort to a person with these disorders.


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