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November 8, 2013

List of Top 10 Fun Communities in Universities

Society fair is all about finding ways to use up your free time. If you want to improve your extracurricular skills than the best option is to join a society. Here are some of the best university societies that are funny but good for passing boring time.

1. Rock, Paper, Scissors Society

rock paper scissors

Well! Rock and paper scissors decides the fate of everyone in this society

2. Beekeeping Society

bee keeping

Beekeeping society is quiet famous in many universities campus and you don’t even have to pay to be a part of their amazing bee’s hobby.

3. Curry Appreciation Society

curry appreciation

If you love food, get ready to spice up your life by joining this tastiest sounding society.

4. Bored Beyond Belief Society

ored beyoud beliefe

Well! Nobody knows what these people are up to. But if you are bored and want to explore the adventure of being bored join this society

5. Lemon Fanta Society

lemon fanta

Well! If you love drinks, this society is best for you but if you break the rules, they will ban you for being photographed with a can of Tango.

6. Norman Re-enactment Society

nrman reenchanted society

If you are a lunatic, join them because no one likes to run around a field dressed like a lunatic on their own.

7. Boules Society

bouls society

Want to play sports or enjoy cigars, beer bellies and bottles of red.

8. Revolver and Pistol Society

revolver society

It a more refined club from a more gentlemanly time, when people used to shoot each other and you might not be surprised to find this is a Cambridge University society list.

9. Tea Society

tea society

Who is into Tea? Well! Here is your answer now you can enjoy the company of people who will offer you free tea.

10. Stitch & Bitch Society

snitch and bitch

Well! They do exactly what it says, just turn up for a bit of knitting and a lot of chat.

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