Object Oriented Programming - JAVA and VISUAL BASIC, lecture notes, A. SINGH

Object Oriented Programming

Object Oriented Programming (Java and Visual Basic) (BCA Part-II) Shipra Rastogi GNIIT, 'A' Level Lecturer Deptt. of Information Technology Biyani Girls College, Jaipur Hastlipi, Jaipur //////////////////////////////////////////////// Syllabus B.C.A. Part-II Object Oriented Programming Through Java Constants, Variables, Data Types, Arithmetic Operations, Relational Operators, Logical Operators, Assignment Operators, Increment and Decrement Operator, Conditional Operator, Bit-wise Operator, Arithmetic Expression, Type Conversion in Expressions, Mathematical Functions, Decision Control Structure, Loop Control Structure, Classes, Objects and Methods, Boolean Methods, Void Methods, Overloading, Nesting of Methods, Constructors, Class Invariants, Composition, Recursive Classes, Extending a Class, Overriding Method, Inheritance versus Compositions, Class Hierarchies, Arrays and Vector, String Arrays, Wrapper (Classes), Defining, Extending and Implementing Interfaces, Accessing Interface Variables, Graphics, Managing Layouts, Event Driven Programming, Applets, Thread and Exceptions, Managing Input Output Files, Reusable Classes, Searching, Sorting and Recursive Algorithims. Object Oriented Programming Through Visual Basic Object Model, Visual Basic Environment, Visual Basic Code Statements, Controls, Coding for the Controls, Variables, Constants and Calculations, Decision Control Structure, Loop Control Structure, Nested Ifs Statement, Input Validations, Calling Event Procedures, Menus, Sub Procedures and Sub Functions, Multiple Forms, Variables and Constants in Multiple Form Projects, List Boxes and Combo Boxes, Using Mfg Box and String Function, Arrays, Using List Boxes and Arrays, Multidirectional Arrays, Classes, Initializing and Terminating Events, Collections, Using the Object Browser, Data Files, Sequential File Organisation, Random Data Files, Accessing Database Files, Navigation the Database in Code, Displaying Data in Grids, Validation and Error Trapping, Dragging and Dropping Multiple Objects, Graphics, Layering, Simple Animation, Active X, Dynamic Link Libraries, Object Linking and Optimizing VB Code, OLE Automation and VBA, Automating Word, Excel and Outlook 98.

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