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Major Classification of Computer Networks-Computer Networks-Assignment

Exercises, Computer Networks

This is an introductory course in Data Communication and Computer Networks. The course is designed with objectives: Provide solid foundation in the field of data communication and computer networks, give practical experience on networks and networking devices, introduce the cutting edge technologies. This assignment main points are: Classification, Computer, Networking, Protocols, Wired, Wireless, Tcp, Ip, Design, Peer, Client, Server


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Introduction to Network Models-Data Communication and Computer Networks-Lecture Slides

These are a set of Lecture Slides on the subject of Data Communication and Computer Networks at Univeristy of Delhi by Dr. Sonam Zinta. It includes: Network, Models, Interfaces, Layers, Machines, S...
Data Communication and Computer Networks
Computer science

TCP IP Networking Example-Computer Networking-Lecture Slides

Prof. Chandraaditya Biswas delivered this lecture at Allahabad University for Computer Network Managment and Protocols course at Allahabad University. Its main points are: TCP, IP, Networking, Prot...
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Analysis and Optimization of Techniques to Reduce Multipath Fading in GSM Network-Implementation and Applications In Computer Sciences-Project Report

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Artificial Neural Networks-Implementation and Application in Computer Sciences-Project Report

This project report is part of degree completion in computer science at Ambedkar University, Delhi. Its main points are: Artificial, Neural, Netowrks, Information, Processing, Dendrites, Strands, S...
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Intermediate TCP, IP - Computer Network - Lecture Slides

Intermediate TCP and IP, TCP Operation, 3 Way Handshakes, Denial Of Service Attacks, Windowing, Sequence Numbers, UDP Operations, Multiple Conversations over Port Numbers and many other topics of C...
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