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lalitdiya 31-12-2012
Economics has two further fields, macroeconomics and microeconomics. Microeconomics is a largest sub-field of economics which is a study of economic behavior of small economic groups. Everything can be seen from two different pictures, big and small or macro and micro. Macro is a wide-angle lens to look at the thin gs and micro is a narrow-focus lens. Source:
imran.mani 30-01-2013
There's 2 fundamental fields involving financial aspects. Mini economics as well as Macro instruction immediate and ongoing expenses.
radhakrishna 30-01-2013
Throughout microeconomics all of us study the peoples economics. The phrase 'mini' means modest. That is precisely why when we go over the particular business economics like a sole or perhaps the business economics of the individual are called microeconomics.
sashie 15-02-2013
Typically microeconomics are applied where goods are bought and sold. Microeconomics also examine how these decisions and behaviours affect the supply and demand for the goods.
sathasivam 15-02-2013
Macroeconomics is a branch of economics deals with the performance,structure and behaviour of an economy as a whole. This include national,regional and global economies.
satinder 18-02-2013
Macroeconomics research aggregate symptoms such as Gross domestic product, being out of work prices along with rates indices to be aware of what sort of whole overall economy features.

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