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jennyfer 12-10-2012
"Elastic traffic can adjust, over wide ranges, to changes in delay and throughput across an internet and still meet the needs of its applications. Inelastic traffic does not easily adapt, if at all, to changes in delay and throughput across an internet. The prime example is real-time traffic, such as voice and video."
anarghya 01-11-2012
Sigmoidal energy capabilities can best signify inelastic targeted traffic options when compared with concave usefulness operates popular in the current haphazard admittance literature. However, they cause low-convex NUM issues which are quite difficult in order to resolve normally.  
shahid_88c 02-11-2012
Pliable readers are usually non-real-meter, piece inelastic traffic is usually caused by actual-time purposes. We come up with the net usefulness maximisation (NUM) problem, the place that the search engine optimization issues would be the persistent probability of your channels and the programs are either concave or even sigmoid functions.  
gaurishaknar 03-11-2012
Supple traffic can easily adjust it is throughput 'tween remainder contains in reaction to multilevel ailment while Inelastic traffic is unable these qualities.  
ekaling 06-11-2012
"Stretchy site visitors: -adjust its throughput between remainder website hosts in response to help community condition. - Usually TCP-based request (HTTP,STMP,FTP) - Rationale way of comments: bundle burning attributable to community weight/blockage, causing TCP for you to accessories its traffic jam turning away algorithmic rule minimizing the pace when packages tend to be sent over the multilevel -TCP readers are regarded as ""network favorable"" Inelastic targeted traffic: - will not adapt its throughput reacting to multilevel ailments - usually tangible-occasion multimedia systems (audio recording cyclosis, online video media,VoIP)"

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