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mcboon 11-10-2012
"(1) We can gain immunity from various kinds of noise and multipath distortion. (2) It can also be used for hiding and encrypting signals. Only a recipient who knows the spreading code can recover the encoded information. (3) Several users can independently use the same higher bandwidth with very little interference, using code division multiple access (CDMA)."
gaurish 03-11-2012
"Effectiveness against intended or even accidental jam Expressing of a unmarried route between a number of users Rock-bottom indication/track record-noise level effects interception Resolution of family member time involving transmitter along with recipient"
parolie 03-11-2012
"much better security measures - restricts the flexibility connected with attackers for you to tap transmissions The key estimate driving spread range is usually to distinct a radio communication right pair of related transmissions, post this announcements on the wide range of stereo frequencies, next cod and lso are-mix impulses on the acquiring aspect."
ekaling 06-11-2012
"Several different tactics exists for applying propagate range about instant cpa networks. Wi-Fi methodologies make use of both absolute frequency jumping and also primary sequence propagate range. "
ekanaaa 06-11-2012
"The spread spectrum approach to wireless communications is employed today in Wi-Fi and some cellular networks to obtain the following benefits: enhanced reliability - mitigates the impact of wireless interference on a communication channel increased bandwidth - exploits additional wireless spectrum to better utilize and share bandwidth among multiple channels"
ekanga 06-11-2012
Resistance to interception is the second advantage provided by spread-spectrum techniques. Because nonauthorized listeners do not have the key used to spread the original signal, those listeners cannot decode it. Without the right key, the spread-spectrum signal appears as noise or as an interferer. (Scanning methods can break the code, however, if the key is short.) Even better, signal levels can be below the noise floor, because the spreading operation reduces the spectral density.
gambher 07-11-2012
There are many benefits to spread-spectrum technology. Resistance to interference is the most important advantage. Intentional or unintentional interference and jamming signals are rejected because they do not contain the spread-spectrum key. Only the desired signal, which has the key, will be seen at the receiver when the despreading operation is exercised.
ekansh 07-11-2012
"propagate selection will a better job averaging the actual efficiency over a frequency band. it isn't designed to have got superior functionality when compared with unmarried-carrier strategies, but instead it can an averaging influence. it's ideally worthy smooth out 'shade' hitch or even performing, typical above adjustable-way of life remover side effects, and manage multiple-individual environments. "

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