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Answers (8)

shamsher_001a 27-12-2012
From any of the sea voltages that will movement west for the equator.
divyesh 28-12-2012
A tidal current developing when the Moon is finished the particular equator.
dron 28-12-2012
An underwater recent streamlined westbound simply just north or merely in the south in the equator.
shareeka_555 29-12-2012
"Ocean currents near the Equator. The westward trade winds that prevail over the tropical Atlantic and Pacific oceans drive complex oceanic circulations characterized by alternating bands of eastward and westward currents. "
benjamin56 29-12-2012
" Wearing away of soil, rock, sand, or other material by the action of wind and water."
balraj 31-12-2012
"On the list of surface gusts drifting westerly over the oceans on the equator. "
astii 31-12-2012
"The North Equatorial Rip streams due east quickly towards the to the north of the Southerly Equatorial Recent. The particular bound concerning those two currents is usually a sharp thermic the front that's clearly noticeable inside satellite tv for pc images. "
dipal 01-01-2013
Either of two oceanic currents (the North and South Equatorial Currents) flowing westward on either side of the equator.

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