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What is the advantage of sliding-window flow control compared to stop-and-wait flow control?

What are the positives points of sliding-window flow control compared to stop-and-wait flow control?

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eshal 13-10-2012
"The cease & hold out method requires acknowledgments right after each and every body. The particular dropping window flow handle technique can certainly air many supports before looking forward to the acknowledgment. Productivity could be significantly improved by allowing numerous support frames to stay in transportation system as well."
abduu 11-02-2013
Flow control is a technique for assuring that a transmitting entity does not overwhelm a receiving entity with data. A receiving entity typically allocates a data buffer of some maximum length for a transfer
asif.ali 11-02-2013
When data is received, the receiver must do some amount of processing before passing the data to the higher level software
mobi_abc 11-02-2013
Circulation command is very important as it would be feasible for a delivering computer system to deliver info at a faster rate versus the getaway computer can certainly obtain in addition to procedure the idea
angarika 12-02-2013
circulation management is the procedure regarding handling the charge per unit of web data transmittal in between a pair of nodes to avoid an easy emailer by outrunning a slow recipient.
anindita 12-02-2013
It provides a mechanics for your recipient to manage this transmission swiftness, so that the having node is just not confused having facts via sending node.
anupama 12-02-2013
which is used for controlling the flow of data when congestion has actually occurred
anuragini 12-02-2013
This can happen if the receiving computers have a heavy traffic load in comparison to the sending computer, or if the receiving computer has less processing power than the sending computer.

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