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What is meant by ‘Flexural strength’?

Hi, Just before half an hour I was reading about properties of materials. There I read about Flexural strength. They did not explain it. Please explain.

Answers (3)

shantii 13-06-2013

It is an intensive property.

sharad_984 14-06-2013
"Flexural strength or modulus of rupture -The stress required to fracture a specimen in a bend test.   Source:"
bulla.baba 14-06-2013
For a 3-point take a look at of an oblong beam behaving as associate degree isotropous linear material, wherever w and h ar the dimension and height of the beam, L is that the distance between the 2 outer supports and d is that the deflection as a result of the load F applied at the center of the beam, the flexural modulus:

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