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What are the advantages of debt instruments?

Hi I am preparing a presentation on marketing conditions and I need some advantages of debt market. Please enlist them.

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avani 03-06-2013
    Shackle market participants act like players generally in most real estate markets and are fundamentally possibly consumers (debts company) regarding monetary resource as well as retailers (company) connected with funds and often the two.
pahal 03-06-2013
    As a result of uniqueness involving particular person bond issues, and the not enough assets in most smaller sized troubles, a lot of spectacular bonds are usually placed through organizations like pension monetary resource, finance institutions along with communal resources. In the states, approximately ten% of the companies are at this time placed aside personal persons.
madan 03-06-2013
    Volumes fantastic about the world wide relationship current market enhanced through ii% inside the year in order to March 2012 to nearly $one hundred one million million. Domestic provides included 80% from the full along with overseas provides for that remainging.
lahar 03-06-2013
     This considerable progress signifies that in Walk 2012 it absolutely was much bigger versus the international equity market place which had a place capitalization of around $53 one million million million. Growth of the market because the start of fiscal slowdown has been mostly a direct result of an increase in issuance aside governing bodies.
gannak 03-06-2013
    The particular prominent value of worldwide bonds greater through a couple of% inside 2011 in order to $35 million. The actual $i.2 million granted in the past year seemed to be straight down by around a 6th around the previous seasons total. 
dhiraj 04-06-2013
"The various advantages of debt instruments are: · Fixed and periodic receipts like interests · Capital is preserved · Mostly secured · Can be risk free if invested in government bonds (gilts) · Lower volatility in comparison to equity market. · Variety of instruments like index linked bonds; floating rate notes.   Source:"

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