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Answers (6)

sheil_34 27-05-2013

S-shaped. E.g. Gyrosigma and some species of Nitzschia.

sheba_876 27-05-2013

 In neural networks, the use of a sigmoid transfer function (as opposed to a step function) allows the function to be differentiated and thus allows back-propagation of values for automated learning.

lavrita 29-05-2013

An "S"-shaped or "backwards-S"-shaped collection of coronal loops, often seen in SXT.

hun 29-05-2013

Monotonic S-shaped function that maps numbers in the interval (-∞,∞) to a finite interval such as (-1,+1) or (0,1).

pinkee 29-05-2013

Many natural processes and complex system learning curves display a history dependent progression from small beginnings that accelerates and approaches a climax over time. For lack of complex descriptions a sigmoid function is often used. 

lalan 04-06-2013
"Binding of one molecule facilitate the second molecule binding and P 50 (partial pressure of O2 at which Hb is half saturated with O2) 26.6mmHg. <a href= > Sigmoid shape </a>"

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