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Answers (6)

pankaja 22-05-2013
General packet radio services, a technology for radio transmission of small packets of data, esp. between cell phones and the Internet  
nagam-ram 22-05-2013
GSM was essentially the most successful 2G cellular technology, but had slow data transfer useage rates. In order to address this problem GSM used another technology GPRS which means General Packet Radio System. ...  
ashis 30-05-2013
That is a data extension to GSM and means “General Packet Radio Service. This allows devices including BlackBerry to own always-on access without using up airtime. GPRS simply transmits data over unused airwaves that aren't being utilized for active cell phone calls.  
dhananjay 30-05-2013
"GPRS allows a data transmission rate all the way to 171.2 kbps and it is suited to access to the internet. GPRS will be based upon GSM technology using an Internet protocol (IP). "  
kalii 30-05-2013
A cellular data technology for GSM networks. GPRS provides between 10 and 50 Kbps of bandwidth.
sahni 04-06-2013
"GPRS Register 1. GPRS Register is integrated with GSM-HLR. 2. It maintains the GPRS subscriber data and routing information. 3. It stores current SGSN address.   <a href=>; Mobile Communication</a> "

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