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Answers (6)

pankarithi 22-05-2013
Extruded tiles are formed by forcing the clay material through a mold to the desired shape versus pressing the tile.  
subash_rana 22-05-2013
Tooth movement toward eruption. Natural extrusion: teeth grow until there is connection with another tooth. Mechanical extrusion: to pull the teeth so it extends farther from your gums.  
azizay 30-05-2013
A product or service formed by forcing basics metal (frequently aluminum) or plastic, at a malleable temperature, by having a die to accomplish a desired shape.  
crazzy 30-05-2013
When a wide range of disk material herniates in the spinal canal.  
kalii 30-05-2013
This can be a characteristic whereby product discharging beyond a feeder's discharge cylinder is compressed, typically discharging by means of a plugged stream of material.
salil 04-06-2013
"Advantages Continuous  1.High production volumes  2.Low cost per pound  3.Efficient melting  4.Many types of raw materials  5.Good mixing (compounding)    <a href=>Polymer Processing</a>"

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