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Give an example of commensalism.

I read this in a random digest which I could not retain, and to me that’s  something very important. Any sort of views and reviews will be most appreciated and respected. Cheers \m/

Answers (6)

karthur 09-05-2013
"Lions running on grass do not benefit from this interaction and are not harmed, but their activity helps the grass grow. Source: "
ramakanta 13-05-2013
A link between two organisms by which one benefits plus the other derives neither benefit nor harm  
sajid 13-05-2013
A mutual relationship where one person benefits as the other is neither harmed nor benefited. E.g., the dung beetle relies on the scat of the gopher which it crafts into a ball and rolls with a location where it may be eaten later. ...  
shamsher_001a 14-05-2013
An interaction between two species in which individuals of one species benefit while individuals with the other species will not benefit and they are not harmed.  
lathika 14-05-2013
The interaction of 2 or more dissimilar organisms where the association is advantageous to one without having affected the other(s). cf parasitism; symbiosis.  
deepaka 14-05-2013
Interaction in which one species is favored and the other is unaffected. Examples: shark and remora - the remora shares the kill but contributes little reely for the shark; orchids grow on, in addition to affect, other trees. ...

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