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ekaa 31-12-2012
The combined effects of mechanical and chemical weathering serve to weaken, soften and break up rocks so that they are more susceptible to erosion.
sharii 27-01-2013
Real radioactive decay of any good ole' directly into littler broken phrases, every with the exact same houses as being the authentic. Comes about largely by temp as well as strain modifications. "
devansh 27-01-2013
" Chemical weathering - process by which the internal structure of a mineral is altered by the addition or removal of elements. Change in phase (mineral type) and composition are due to the action of chemical agents. "
sandipan 27-01-2013
Chemic weathering relies upon in available surface area with regard to reaction temp as well as bearing of chemically effective body fluids.
rajyeshwar 29-01-2013
Smaller atom shapes temperature simply by chemical implies more quickly compared to prominent allergens caused by a rise involving area. Look at the diagram below and you'll note that as the allergens acquire small, the complete surface readily available for chemical substance weathering raises.
janam 31-01-2013
Mechanically skillful (bodily) enduring would be the dislocation associated with careen in to small particles as a result of these factors while very cold and also melting, discharge of press, water ingestion, salt watch crystal creation, land mass upthrow, extension and also compression in the Sun or perhaps flames, flora origin growth, behavior involving pets, detrition, or perhaps additional ensures that do not directly impact on the rock's biochemistry and biology. Chemical substance enduring will be the breakup, carbonation, oxidization, as well as hydrolysis involving careen in addition to mineral by simply chemical substance signifies merely, largely coming from side effects with water or even the acids in rainwater. Many other materials are formed in the process. Cozy, exotic places usually are suitable situations pertaining to substance enduring to take place as being the substance tendencies ar quickened by the bountiful water and also warm temperatures.

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