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dyanabel 08-10-2012
No. Life would be no different if electrons were positively charged and protons were negatively charged. Opposite charges would still attract, and like charges would still repel. The designation of charges as positive and negative is merely a definition.
jagadhish 10-10-2012
Living can be pretty much exactly the same
dhirendra 28-01-2013
It is important to realise the visible difference 'tween substance and also real changes. The 2 varieties depend on learning chemical side effects as well as claims involving affair. Many of us disclose that a few modifications ar noticeable, merely there are several simple ideas you need to know. Bodily alterations are usually regarding strength as well as says connected with subject. Substance changes take place on the molecular stage when you have several substances of which socialize that will create a fresh compound or maybe two.
asgari 29-01-2013
Whenever you board A can easily in addition to mash this, you could have constrained an actual transform. The form in the item offers altered. That wasn't a change in the state of make a difference, since the vitality inside can didn't modify. Once you liquefy an ice cube (Water), you've besides pressured an actual physical change with the addition of vitality. In which case caused a general change in your affair. You are able to bring about bodily alterations along with aids including motions, heat range, along with strain.
sangem 30-01-2013
Chemical substance changes take place on the much smaller plate. Even though some trials appearance evident chemical substance changes, for instance a coloring change, nearly all substance changes of which come about in between elements are certainly not witnessed. Any time metal (Fe) rusts, you will see this transpire over the long time. The particular substances include improved the construction (your flat iron oxidized). Reduction the sugars cube is a phase change, as the meaning is still sugars. Burning a mister third power is really a chemical process. Flame sets off a reaction 'tween sweets and reactions (United kingdom). This oxygen in everyone's thoughts reacts with your sugar, and also the substance bonds are generally shattered.
sankait 31-01-2013
Forcible adjustments are worried using muscularity along with claims connected with make a difference. A physical transform won't create a unexampled substance. Modifications in state or step (liquescent, freezing, evaporation, moisture build-up or condensation, sublimation) are generally actual changes. Degrees of physical alterations include devastating A could, liquescent a piece of ice, in addition to breaking any container.

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