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Answers (8)

jogy 27-12-2012
Support worker, a nursing auxiliary or assistant, physiotherapy helper, occupational therapy helper, speech and language therapy assistant, foot-care assistant, or ward clerk.
abbe 27-12-2012
A live-in home support worker is defined in the Employment Standards Regulation as a person.
adde 27-12-2012
Provides those services on a 24 hour per day live-in basis without being charged for room and board.
agie 28-12-2012
It is used by a credit repair professional, company or maybe other company delivering, through a authorities funded program, residence documentation products and services for everyone having an discriminating or maybe chronic disease as well as disability not demanding admittance with a hospital.
alcee 28-12-2012
Support workers in nursing care work under the supervision of registered practitioners.
aleex 28-12-2012
The stay-in home service actor is not the identical to the domestic, who's going to be currently employed with a stay-inwards basis with a non-public property to produce cooking food, cleansing as well as the children's nursery products and services, by simply a company would you non receive govt money.
meshi 28-12-2012
Some sort of dwell-in home service worker is actually excluded in the hrs on the job and also extra time terms of the Occupation Standards React. The everyday price pertains to most hrs worked on every day that really work is performed, whether the workday appears compared to ten a long time.
ekaan 31-12-2012
"Assist work is related to retaining latest generation techniques doing work in addition to secure, such as repairing a new crashed laptop or computer diligence."

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