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A(n) 858 N man stands in the middle of a frozen pond of radius 5.97 m. He is unable to get to the other side?

"A(n) 858 N man stands in the middle of a

frozen pond of radius 5.97 m. He is un-

able to get to the other side because of a

lack of friction between his shoes and the

ice. To overcome this difficulty, he throws his

1.26 kg physics textbook horizontally toward

the north shore, at a speed of 5.75 m/s.

How long does it take him to reach the

south shore?"

Answers (6)

nazi 05-03-2013
"What happens is the momentum of the book is equal to his momentum except they are in exactly opposite directions so they exactly cancel. This confirms the law of conservation of momentum. The momentum before the book was thrown was zero and the momentum after the book was thrown is zero. The mass of the man is 858/9.81 = 87.5kg The momentum of the book is 1.26*5.75 = 7.245kgm/s 87.5*V=7.245 where V is the man's velocity after the book is thrown. V = 7.245/87.5 = 0.083m/s He has to slide 5.97m V = d/t => t = d/V = 5.97/0.083 = 72.1s
dharmendrae 15-05-2013
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banani 16-05-2013
"Any zero.92 michael rods together with uniform aggregate syndication goes across the ten bloc having its eventually left conclude in the foundation. A single.7 mirielle gat having undifferentiated large submission runs across the Y bloc using its first class with the source. Find the harmonizes on the centre of gravity with this program. "
panchali 21-05-2013
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honda-civic 28-05-2013
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gargg 31-05-2013
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