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A car traveling with constant speed travels 150 in two hours. What is the speed of the car?

"You can enter units that are combinations of units with prefixes. However, you must maintain the same unit system given in the problem. For example, this question uses the SI unit system. Therefore an answer in U.S. customary units, such as miles per hour would not be accepted as correct.


P.s( I know you divide the distance by the time but for some reason i can't enter the answer properly with the units)"

Answers (6)

ralphie 25-02-2013
    "the problem is that ""150"" has no units, so this can't be done as is. IF that is 150 meters, then the speed is 150 m / 2 hours = 75 m/hour there are many many different units you could use 75 m/hour x 1 hour/3600s = 0.0208 m/s 0.0208 m/s x 1000mm/m = 20.8 mm/s 75 m/hour x 1km/1000m = 0.075 km/hour (I can go on for a long time, with permutations of m, km, mm, µm, nm, seconds, hours, minutes) IF that is 150 km, there are another whole set of possible answers 75 km/hour 75000 m/hour 20.8 m/s 20800 mm/s etc"
padmini 16-04-2013
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