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The radius of the Earth is about 6.37 × 106 m. a) What is the centripetal acceleration of a point on the equat?

"The radius of the Earth is about 6.37 × 10^6 m.

a) What is the centripetal acceleration of

a point on the equator due to the rotation of

earth about its axis?

Answer in units of m/s2


b) What is the centripetal acceleration of a

point at the North Pole?

Answer in units of m/s2"

Answers (6)

dewaan 06-03-2013
"Centripetal acceleration is given by a=v^2/r We also know v=w*r and w=2Pi/T, where v=speed, r=radius, w=angular frequency, T=the period=24hrs. Solve for ""a"" in terms of T and r a=(w^2)*r=r*(2*Pi/T)^2 When at the equator r=radius of the earth and at the North Pole r=0"
shoki_sho 15-05-2013
"twenty-nine. A big dipper cable car loaded with people, incorporates a mass associated with five hundred kg; the spoke regarding curvature from the monitor in the bottom point of a drop is 12 mirielle. The auto has a rate regarding 20 mirielle/azines now. "     
ekmbr 16-05-2013
"30. Is there a speed of the piece of airborne debris with an aged-fabricated phonograph album, xv centimeter from your center field, if your report will be content spinning on 33.iii rpm? "
masti 27-05-2013
Since center field on the lap (discover diagram) can be previously mentioned this individuals, so the two web drive along with the quickening vectors have an upward way.     
janam 29-05-2013
"Every single atom of make a difference from the universe draws in another corpuscle having a force out that is right relative towards product or service in their people and reciprocally relative on the rectangular with their separation. "
raghav 01-06-2013
  "Absolutely no subscript should be applied around the Fs, considering that the push is identical on both masses with value, although other inwards steering (remember Newton’azines 3 rd legislations). According to Newton's Newton's law of gravitation: "

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