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The temperature of 50 g of water is 70 degrees Celsius. How much heat must be added to raise the temperature?

"The temperature of 50 g of water is 70 degrees Celsius. How much heat must be added to raise the temperature to 80 degrees Celsius?


A. 540 cal

B. 10 cal

C. 200 cal

D. 500 cal

E. 80 cal"

Answers (6)

dewaan 06-03-2013
"ΔH = mcΔT ΔH = 50*1*(80-70) = 500 calories (taking m = 50 gram, c = 1cal/g/C degree) So. option D must be correct."
cool_bre 15-05-2013
  "certain temperature capacity for h2o = iv.16 T/(h*degC) "
ekmbr 16-05-2013
"These kinds of questions are just tips for obtaining a very good discussion heading. We motivate you to employ the ones you enjoy in order to come up with your own. "
bigna 27-05-2013
    "Ok, consequently we've got some volume of normal water that is scorching, and several number of normal water that is cool. Mix mutton quad unitedly and you'll go comfortable. By the end, the two trouble and cool drinking water you commenced using is definitely the exact same temperatures. In the event both will probably equal exactly the same heat range at the conclusion in the chemical reaction, we can make them comparable to the other as well as resolve for ""X"".            "
lakshya 28-05-2013
    Aggregate associated with mineral water = two hundred and fifty h, heat range alteration of water system = 75 G , specific high temperature volume regarding normal water = 4.21 N/ g * C. In order to resolve with regard to heating system we increase size inwards gary together with by the heat range alteration of H and specific warm potential. 104,750 N would be the answer.
rajaan 01-06-2013
      "It requires 4.186 Joules for you to warm one particular g involving water system by means of one-amount Celsius.            "

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