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Physics help please! A river flows due south with a speed of 2.0 m/s . A man steers a motorboat across the r?

"1) A river flows due south with a speed of 2.0 m/s . A man steers a motorboat across the river. The river is 800 m wide


a) In which direction should the motorboat head in order to reach a point on the opposite bank directly east from the starting point? (The boat's speed relative to the water is 4.2m/s .)


b) What is the velocity of the boat relative to the earth?


c) How much time is required to cross the river?"

Answers (6)

sharmistha_98 06-03-2013
"1) a) I visualized the situation by drawing the river as a vertical strip. Relative to the horizontal, let the angle (direction) of the motorboat be x. Then, the vertical component would be 4.2 sin x. For the motorboat to be exactly east, then the vertical components must cancel, leaving only the east horizontal component of the motorboat. Thus, 4.2 sin x = 2.0 x = 28.4 = about 28 degrees (ANSWER) b) The velocity of the boat relative to the earth is the horizontal component since the vertical components cancel. 4.2 cos x = 4.2 cos 28.4 = 3.69 = about 3.7 m/s (ANSWER) c) t = x/v for constant velocity = 800/3.7 = 216 = about 220 s (ANSWER)"
ehaabhi 15-05-2013
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ekaat 16-05-2013
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padnuni 21-05-2013
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shashi_16star 27-05-2013
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bakula 31-05-2013
    The phrase upstream (or even upriver) refers to the route ultimately causing the original source from the lake, that's from the course involving flow. Also, the idea of downstream (as well as downriver) details the particular way on the mouth with the river, in which the latest streams.

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