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What is another word for sin/crime/wrong-doing?

"I'm starting to write my book on the nature of value and worth. In it I'm defining the different kinds of deeds.


I need to name them in terms of worth and value.


There are worthwhile / valuable deeds (""good"" deeds which earn 'points')

There are worthless deeds - which have a net value of zero, but are in no way 'bad', e.g. doing nothing


And then there are the deeds which are the opposite to the good deeds. They lose you 'points'. Not necessarily morally bad, so cannot be called sins, not necessarily illegal or against the rules, just acts of negative value to your net worth. What should these be called?"

Answers (6)

lilwayne 05-03-2013
"erroneous acts? or an iniquity? can I be in your acknowledgements :)?"
dharitree 15-05-2013
"transgression, unpleasant, iniquity, negligence, misbehavior, misdeed, crime, sin, trespass Antonyms: excellent action "
avantika 16-05-2013
"ire, covetousness, criminal offence, damnation, credit card debt, deficit, demerit, noncompliance, covet, error, evil, wicked-accomplishing, problem, gula, guiltiness, iniquity, flaw, evil, crave, misbehaviour, crime, peccability, indiscretion, peccancy, pride, defect, wickedness, slothfulness, civil wrong, transgression, trespass, godlessness, unrighteousness, veniality, frailty, breach, evil, incorrect, actus reus, wrongness Antonyms: behaviour, rewards, ethics"
pampaaaa 21-05-2013
    unpleasant or maybe inappropriate doings or maybe action
honda-civic 28-05-2013
    In Abrahamic contexts, wickedness may be the deed associated with breaking God's will probably. Hell may also be known as anything that violates the optimal connection 'tween somebody as well as Our god.
lakhan 31-05-2013
    "Approximately offenses are deemed sins and a few sins are usually viewed as greater than other people. With this nuanced idea of sinning, sins collapse A range through minor mistakes to help deathly misdeeds. Catholicism cya the lowest amount of corrupt sins equally forgivable sins—that are component of individual residing along with have a bun in the oven tiny divine result. Conversely, sins connected with wonderful wicked are deadly sins—which in turn provide your dreadful consequence of planning to Heck in the event that unrepented with regard to.           "

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