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lathika 23-11-2012
"Strike-slip (also called transcurrent, wrench, or lateral) faults are similarly caused by horizontal compression, but they release their energy by rock displacement in a horizontal direction almost parallel to the compressional force. The fault plane is essentially vertical, and the relative slip is lateral along the plane. These faults are widespread. Many are found at the boundary between... "
sangodkar 23-11-2012
"A kind of problem whoever airfoil is normally vertical as well as practically so. Your action along the punch-ease failing will be parallel for the strike with the mistake area, and the wrong doing hinders relocation obliquely earlier the other. Some sort of reach-elusion failing that prohibit across the wrong doing movements on the right can be described as a dextral punch-fall failing. Whether or not this actions left field, the particular family member movements will be identified as sinistral. Local distortion close aeroembolism within punch-slide faults can generate yank-asunder basins as well as grabens. Bloom structures are one more aside-product or service regarding affect-fall problems. A new pull failing is a kind of smash-get error when the problem surface is almost straight. "
sangeil 23-11-2012
"Hit-elusion problems contain action and that is parallel towards punch in the error--generally termed some sort of ""area-aside-area"" movement. Strike-slip errors tend to be more identified as ""correct-horizontal"" (dextral) or even ""remaining-side"" (sinistral) depending if the block opposite this viewer's gone to the suitable or even remaining respectively. "
sanjay 23-11-2012
"Reach-slide defects require motions and that is analogue on the affect on the problem--usually called the ""facet-by means of-facet"" motions. Affect-elusion errors are generally further called ""proper-horizontal"" (dextral) or maybe ""eventually left-sidelong"" (sinistral) depending when the prevent other this viewers chosen the right as well as eventually left severally. "
sanjeev 23-11-2012
"A fault line is the surface trace of a fault, the line of intersection between the fault plane and the Earth's surface "
sanjiv 23-11-2012
"With geology, A problem is really a planar break or maybe discontinuity inside a amount of careen, throughout which usually there is considerable deracination down the bony injury due to ground movement. Significant problems in the Global brown crust area result from the act of menu tectonic causes. Energy liberation regarding rapid movement along energetic errors may be the cause of about earthquakes, for instance arises about the San Andreas Problem, Los angeles. "  
sanjna 23-11-2012
"Strike-slip faults Fault rupture of the ground generates vibrations-or waves-in the rock that we feel as ground shaking. Faults are weaknesses in the rock and therefore earthquakes tend to occur over and over along the same faults. Most major faults in the United States, particularly in California, are what are known as strike-slip faults. For strike-slip faults, the rupture is nearly vertical and during an earthquake one side slides past the other. The San Andreas fault is a strike-slip fault formed where two parts of the earth’s crust (plates) slide past each other"
freddye 29-12-2012
It is a type of fault in which there is a parallel movement between two blocks across the fault plane. Source:

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