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Answers (6)

floweryy 25-02-2013
I believe that stupidity is a state of mind that someone goes into to put themselves down. Everyone is intelligent in their own ways and areas.
padnuni 16-04-2013
The quality of being stupid or unintelligent
parthavi 16-04-2013
Behavior that shows a lack of good sense or judgment
gajjadahan 23-04-2013
The only known infinite real-world quantity.
lakshanya 25-04-2013
just one) The particular Utopia from the prudent; your Lethe forbidden for the lip area associated with genius. 3) Your operating electrical power of an Size in move, several) A not curable point out regarding noctambulation having which in turn human beings is blessed, as well as beneath the mean which the item does by far the most antic behavior, like wedding, vote, belligerent, ...
shaina_44kin 30-04-2013
Really at high point one particular can not create a logical thought for debate, not every damaged in this fashion

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