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Answers (6)

netii 05-03-2013
To help digest the food.
dhatri 15-05-2013
The idea fights thier food many of us consume in order that the meals are broken down straight into it is nutrients & can be broken down in order to end up in the rake method & traverse the body.
bandhura 16-05-2013
It aids in digestion.
padmavati 21-05-2013
    1 - The particular abject pH (1-2) from the acidic inside tum is definitely a tough environs, indeed the majority of bacterium tend to be got rid of. Your pH behaves as a defense.
sushmi_98 27-05-2013
    ii - Your molecule protease performs optimally in a reduced pH. This implies environmental surroundings inside the belly is perfect for the break up connected with healthy proteins to happen.
asita 31-05-2013
    "Hydrochloric acid is naturally based in the stomachic juices of the abdomen. The gastric fruit juices, together often called gastric acid, check typically potash muriate, or even KCl, in addition to common salt, or even NaCl. Since hydrochloric acid is unquestionably a clearly mordant chemical substance, that alone(p) accocunts for all-around v pct with the arrangement involving gastric juice. This provides gastric acid a very low pH stove, generally concerning one to two.     "

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