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slupdoggy 25-02-2013
"USDA recommends the average no. calories per person per day is 2,500 calories (2,000 for women and 3,000 for men), of which about 50% is from carbohydrates, 22.5% from proteins, and 27.5% from fats. This means the source of calories for a person per day is: 1,250 calories is from carbohydrates 562.5 calories is from proteins 687.5 calories is from fats"
sateesh 11-04-2013
Formerly a location that is certainly plowed per day. It had been utilized in the Domesday Publication to spell out expanse, as there are much disagreement how prominent the Domesday Publication area has been – likely the item varied by area to area.
padmajai 15-04-2013
A measure of land, equivalent to 4 rods, 4840 sq yards or 0.40 hectares.
amit-kumar 22-04-2013
A measurement of land equal to 4,840 square yards or 43,560 square feet.
sekar_53 27-04-2013
A measure of land, equal to 160 sq. rods (43,560 sq.ft.). An acre is approximately 209′ x 209′.
umeri 07-05-2013
An imperial measure for land. Equals 43,560 square feet; 4,047 square meters; or 0.047 hectares.

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