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sharmistha_98 06-03-2013
"(sigh) Geometry: the study of mathematical shapes and their relationships Geography (where you posted this): The study of natural features and political divisions"
ekbal 15-05-2013
Since you just said A = (2,3), I think you probably mean "what's A'"? The simplest way to figure that out is to take a piece of graph paper (you can make some yourself using lined paper and drawing vertical crossbars) and drawing the X and Y axes, graphing your triangle and then graphing its reflection. That should allow you to see where A' is situated.
parivita 16-05-2013
"The sum of the three angles in triangle ABC is equal to 180°. Hence 72 + angle ACB + angle ABC = 180 In the given isosceles triangle, angles ACB and ABC have equal measure. Hence 72 + 2 angle ABC = 180 2 angle ABC = 180 - 72 = 108 angle ABC = 54°"
shailendra_g01d 27-05-2013
"The three sides of an equilateral triangle have equal lengths. If x is the length of one side of an equilateral triangle, then its perimeter is equal to 3x. Hence    3x = 210    x = 70 cm"
anandi 31-05-2013
"When a point of coordinates (x , y) is reflected on the x axis, its y coordinates changes sign and the coordinates become (x , - y). Hence when the vertices of the given triangle are reflected on the x axis, they become.    (1,-(2)), (2,-(-3)) and (4,-(-1))    Simplify    (1,-2), (2,3) and (4,1)"
padmal 01-06-2013
"In similar triangles, the corresponding sides have lengths in the same proportion. If h is the hypotenuse of the small traingle and H is the hypotanuse of the larger traingel, then    8 / 15 = h / H    We now use Pythagora's theorem to find h.    h2 = 82 + 62 = 100    Solve for h: h = 10    Substitute h in the above equation to find H    8 / 15 = 10 / H    Cross multiply    8H = 150    H = 18.75   "

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