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Answers (6)

sharmistha_98 06-03-2013
This is not a Geography question. You might want to try it under the categories Homework Help or Mathematics.
ehaabhi 15-05-2013
In both cases you are starting with an object (called the preimage), and enlarging it to get the final result.
abduu 16-05-2013
a=(1/2)b*h. The base is increasing by a factor of 3 AND the height is increasing by a factor of 3. So the area increased by a factor of 9. Divide the new area by 9 and the original/preimage area =1 cm^2
sabit 25-05-2013
"In general for an area, a, with some scale factor greater than 1, f, new area=a*f^2 or rearranged a=new area/f^2   "
Comment 28-05-2013
    The particular rectangle will be enflamed by the component of 3/3. The location increased with a issue connected with (a few/a couple of)enqa_only two or hunting for/5. Flourish the newest place aside some/nine and also the authentic spot will be 24cmenqa_only two.
pinke 31-05-2013
    Trilateral UVW could be the before-image of trilateral RST that has a range issue of three. Find the subject of trilateral UVW if your section of triangle RST is actually in search of cm2.

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