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Is it possible to make a dormant gene active?

I'm talking about like activating a gene in you're body while your still alive not finding a dormant gene in an organism and cloning it and in the process activate it.

Answers (6)

andreasphd 05-03-2013
yes, that is how human endogenous retroviruses occur.
dharmaketu 15-05-2013
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baishali 16-05-2013
"That you are difficult variety of chromosomes along with count of secret writing genetics in the affected individual which might be not the same thing in any respect. Think the genome as being a e book - you will get 45 more time chapters as well as 70 smaller sized ones - the content is very related or even the identical. "
pankita 21-05-2013
            "Gene history interacting with seeds developmental circumstances management principal sleeping. To understand how an multigenic technique advanced to adjust to the adjusting environments inside boney rice, we all assessed ancestral components of iii quiescency QTL in a synchronized nondormant ancestral history. A couple of genetically monovular communities segregating regarding qSD1, qSD7-a single, and qSD12 were expanded below garden greenhouse and pure disorders vary type of with temp, family member wetness, and lightweight saturation throughout semen progress. Very low temperatures maintained to enhance dormancy within disorders. Even so, genotypes responded to your situations divergently to ensure two communities available related distributions intended for sprouting. Item and/or dominance effects of the 3 loci defined ∼ninety% associated with innate differences and the epistases landed the rest in each surroundings. This qSD1 and qSD7-i major outcomes ended up greater, as you move the qSD12 linear effect ended up being lessened through fairly lower temperatures. Equally factor major along with epistatic effects were involved in Gee × Elizabeth relationships, that within order of magnitude ended up more than the environmental major influence. The actual diverging tendencies of quiescency family genes seen in this simple multigenic method presumptively have got picky benefits in pure communities designed for you to modifying surroundings and therefore characterize an innate mechanics stabilising the quiescence amount of skinny rice aged in several months as well as heat range routines.           "
honda-civic 28-05-2013
    "Your Transmission-to-Sounds-Proportion (SNR) is normally used for designation associated with biomarkers for a few-class issues and no conventional and also beneficial generalization of SNR can be purchased with regard to multiclass troubles. We recommend innovational generality regarding SNR pertaining to multiclass most cancers splendour through debut connected with a couple of indices, Cistron Dominant Index finger in addition to Factor Hibernating(a) Listing (GDIs). Both of these indices lead to the principles of dominant and inactive family genes with natural significance. All of us start using these indices to formulate techniques pertaining to discovery associated with dominant in addition to inactive biomarkers having exciting natural import. The dominancy and quiescency from the determined biomarkers and also their superb knifelike might may also be proven pictorially while using scatterplot involving personal gene and 2-D Sammon's forcing out on the decided on pair of body's genes. Exploitation details on the novels we have now revealed the GDI centered process may determine prevailing and abeyant genes in which engage in significant assignments inside cancers biology. These types of biomarkers are utilized to pattern symptomatic prediction devices.           "
gargg 31-05-2013
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