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Anything that has mass and takes up space is called?

"1. Anything that has mass and takes up space is called ________.


A. matter

B. weight 

C. energy

D. system




3. Convection is caused by differences in the weight of objects. 

True or False? 





2. A cow eating grass is an example of ________.


A. biosphere interacting with the biosphere

B. hydrosphere interacting with geosphere

C. biosphere interacting with the hydrosphere

D. atmosphere interacting with the geosphere"

Answers (6)

sonu 05-03-2013
"1. A. 2.False, convection is caused by the motion of heat. 3.Im not sure I think it's A."
dhimant 15-05-2013
Something that provides muscle size and also uses up space is named make any difference.
sarasvan 16-05-2013
"Affair is most things that offers aggregate as well as takes in place. "
naghm 27-05-2013
    "Affair uses up space possesses muscle size.           "
nobel 28-05-2013
    Subject means anything that possesses bulk and also takes up infinite or maybe amount. Most actual physical objects contains or perhaps comprises make a difference. It is usually thought to be composed of atoms along with contaminants that's muscle size.
shozab 01-06-2013



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