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If you were adrift in the atlantic ocean and, being thirsty, drink the surrounding seawater. as a result what?

"a)your cells lyse, due to the excessive intake of salt

b)your cells become turgid

c)you dehydrate your cells"

Answers (6)

divyaa 05-03-2013
a)your cells lyse, due to the excessive intake of salt
dharmaraaj 15-05-2013
"You must bust all of this of the way right down to cellular material. Every time a electric cell consumes saltwater, in addition , it features saltiness. Saltiness volition desiccate the actual cell in case cellular matrix exsiccate, you actually dry up. "
baishali 16-05-2013
"It might seem you are rehydrating after you drinking brine but you aren't. The kidneys is able to help to make weewee that's less high sodium than salt water. Thus, to reduce all the redundant salt consumed by means of consuming salt water, you must pee a lot more drinking water than an individual sipped, so you die connected with lack of fluids. "
padnuni 21-05-2013


"A rock tumbling off a cliff or water driving a waterwheel is what kind of energy   "
shashi_16star 27-05-2013
    "Lots of the minerals in which control the strong-ocean Pyrophorus noctiluca squid's power to generate mild power from chemical like electricity are situated           "
bakula 31-05-2013
"the first law of thermodynamics   "

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