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What happens when two atoms form a chemical bond? What happens when two atoms form a chemical bond? A chemic?

"What happens when two atoms form a chemical bond?A. A chemical bond forms when two atoms transfer or share outer electrons to complete their outer shells.B. A chemical bond forms when two atoms transfer or share protons to achieve a stable nucleus.C. Two atoms fuse together to form a chemical bond."

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myohmy 05-02-2013
the answer is a.
champak 29-04-2013
A new chemical bond is definitely an destination in between atoms that allows the organization connected with substances that includes a couple of atoms. The text will be caused by the static pressure connected with attraction among paired prices, either between electrons along with nuclei, or maybe as the result of the dipole antenna destination. The strength of substance provides may differ well; you will discover ""firm provides"" including covalent or maybe ionic bonds along with ""fragile provides"" including dipole–dipole antenna interactions, this London dispersal power in addition to H bonding. "  
stevee 30-04-2013
"Chemical bonds could be made in two ways. 2 atoms may discuss electrons to form a covalent attachment, or even a good particle can provide/take electrons through one more molecule to create a good ionic bond. "  
raman 30-04-2013
"Crystals are generally complexes regarding atoms, ions (= electrically supercharged atoms or perhaps categories of atoms), or regarding smaller molecules. These are generally connected to 1 another in the very by chemic provides. Some of the provides tend to be covalent provides (e.g. with Diamond) [ Your enumerated types of chemic bonds are generally sorted out beneath. ], others are electrovalent (= ionic) bonds (in particular inside uric acid of sodium chloride), but others are atomic number 1 provides (for instance with ice rink uric acid). They might likewise happen unitedly available as one watch crystal. This ingredients connected with crystals style some sort of periodical lattice, where a selected product is consistently replicated such as with 3 spacial directions. Uric acid are in several feeling huge molecules. "  
dhansukh 01-05-2013
"Chemical substance connecting is among the easiest basic principles associated with chemistry which points out different concepts such as substances in addition to reactions. Without them, professionals would not be capable of describe the reason atoms tend to be fascinated by the other person or exactly how merchandise is made after a reaction has brought spot. To know the thought of developing, i need to very first know the fundamental principle powering nuclear framework. "  
usama 08-06-2013
"A standard corpuscle posesses a core constructed from protons as well as neutrons, along with electrons using some energy rotating throughout the core. Within this area, the main objective is going to be about these kind of electrons. Elements usually are distinguishable via one another because of the ""electron cloud,"" or even the expanse wherever electrons move around the particular karyon of the particle. Due to the fact every single factor includes a distinct electron reasoning, this particular can determine their particular chemical attributes as well as the degree of the responsiveness ( the. imposing gas ar torpid/not necessarily reactive though alkalic mining harvests are usually highly reactive). Within chemic developing, solely valency electrons, electrons located in the orbitals on the outermost vitality (valency shell) associated with an element, could happen. "

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