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How many Trazodone does it take to cause an overdose?

My doctor prescribed me 50 mg 1 tablet of trazodone to help me sleep. The problem is, I can't remember if I took it already. So I swallowed one tablet. I can't remember if I already took it before! Two tablets of 50 mg can't kill you right???

Answers (6)

manager33 05-02-2013
I've got 150mg tablets. nothing has happened to me thus far.
kumara 27-05-2013
"The effects associated with an o.d. using trazodone will be individually for each person, nevertheless might include sleepiness, nausea or vomiting, or difficulty in breathing. Depending on how much trazodone hydrochloride will be interpreted and be it used to medicines or alcohol, severe consequences could also come about, which includes decrease in liveliness. With an excessive amount of Desyrel, treatments might include ""growing your belly,"" fetching specific drugs, or acquiring supporting treatment. "  
aanitaa 28-05-2013
"Warning signs of trazodone o.d. include things like extreme minimal blood pressure levels, wooziness, drowsiness, sedation, difficultness sleep, comatoseness, seizures, head ache, rapidly or even slow-moving heart rhythm and unusual cardiovascular beat generation, issues with co-ordination, breathlessness, cessation involving inhaling and exhaling, and also not often, priapism or perhaps a hardon that can last for more(a) 4 hours without the way of erectile activation. Anyone does not need to have all of these symptoms to own overdosed. Kind of, o.d. arises as soon as a person requires much more medication in comparison with is definitely prescribed, and though the Desyrel o.d., any time tempered when uncombined to medications similar to tranquilizers, isn’capital t typically poisonous, the item represents a new professional medical urgent situation. Health care assistance should be wanted promptly if a person has brought much more trazodone hydrochloride compared to prescribed sum. "  
irfaan 01-06-2013
"Desyrel (Desyrel®) is usually a prescription employed for the treatment of depression, also referred to as important depressive disorder as well as depression. Similar to wholly prescription drugs, you'll be able to carry too much trazodone hydrochloride. Overdose results vary, determined by many variables, which includes how much trazodone hydrochloride is definitely taken as well as be it obtained along with another treatments or booze. "  
dilawar 05-06-2013
"What's available for overdoses on Desyrel, the particular indicators may differ. The commonest signs and symptoms consist of: Somnolence Vomit."  
noob 08-06-2013
"The treatment to get a trazodone hydrochloride o.d. will change. When the o.d. has been recent, a new healthcare provider can provide a number of medications as well as location a new tube into the stomach for you to ""heart your stomach."" Treatment may also entail supporting health care. This attention is made up of dealing with your signs or symptoms of which arise as a result of this overdose. "

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