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Someone PLEASE HELP! The combination of Penicillin and Tetracycline is?

"a. More effective due to synergism b. the combination of choice of staphylococcal infectionc. less effective due to antagonism d. not effective because they neutralize each other chemically"

Answers (6)

myohmy 05-02-2013
Penicillin and tetracycline antagonize each other. They interfere with one another.They're much less effective together.
champak 29-04-2013
Over a hundred and 58 patients with sucking louse-borne recurrent fever have been addressed with a combination therapy of Ethocaine penicillin along with tetracycline. Fortified Ethocaine penicillin Barn.R. was presented with since four hundred,thousand products within the foremost day. This is adopted the next day by means of two grams tetracycline by mouth with partioned dosages with regard to a week. A gentle boost in temp was witnessed in 23 (13-7%) affected individuals inside 4 hours regarding administering penicillin. Afflication as well as hypotension occurred in 1 affected individual. Lapsing happened 2 individuals, of whom you attendant enteric fever the other Assam fever. The blended remedy has been seen as to function in addition to safe. The idea is lacking in the actual down sides involving penicillin (goes back) in addition to Achromycin (dangerous response), whenever every medicine is needed by yourself. "  
stevee 30-04-2013
"The effect regarding mixtures of penicillin, tetracycline in addition to rifampicin upon S. prowazekii (the particular causative adviser connected with typhus) and S. sibirica (the actual causative representative associated with break-borne rickettsial disease from the To the north Parts of asia) seemed to be researched. It was revealed in which Achromycin as well as penicillin utilized in mix were built with a plus influence on both equally Ur. sibirica as well as R. prowazekii. The actual drug of each one anti-biotic seemed to be two times a lesser amount than the actual doses of the medicines used alone. Even so, S. sibirica has been fewer responsive to this mixture as compared to Ur. prowazekii: this minimal rickettsiocidic doasage amounts in the mixture had been 2.5 various milligrams associated with tetracycline + ten thousand items associated with penicillin each fertilized egg regarding Third. sibirica and also particular milligram involving tetracycline + ten thousand units involving penicillin each fertilized egg for Radius. prowazekii. The particular mixtures of rifampicin with penicillin or even tetracycline within the concentrations utilized got absolutely no rickettsiocidic effect on often Radius. sibirica as well as Radius. prowazekii. However, it should be observed the particular permutations had a synergistic military action as well as offered a rickettsiostatic influence on Ur. prowazekii: the dose regarding rifampicin in their in conjunction with penicillin ended up being reduced ten times and the amalgamation of rifampicin using tetracycline the particular dosages connected with both equally rifampicin and also Achromycin ended up diminished ten times. Placid, penicillin even just in a dosage involving 20000 items for every embryo acquired only a rickettsiostatic influence on R. sibirica in addition to R. prowazekii. "  
raman 30-04-2013
"The majority of prescription medication fit in two teams: bacteriostatic, and bacteriocidal. Penicillin is germicidal, and also Achromycin is bacteristatic. Bactericidals eliminates the particular micro-organism in contrast to bacteristatics quit the actual micro-organism through growth, but it is nonetheless living, so in the event the antibiotic is taken away your bacteria will become expanding yet again. "  
dhansukh 01-05-2013
"Arsenic intoxication tetracycline within the body may greatly lessen the potency of this penicillin. "  
usama 08-06-2013
"Penicillin mandates that the particular bacteria rising so that you can eliminating the micro-organism. Mainly because penicillin stops for the cell phone walls from expanding, though the germs is growing causation this to ahow up out from the cell, eliminating it. "

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