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Did Lee Harvey Oswald's rifle really cost less than $20 dollars?

In reading Stephen King's novel called '11.22.63' (spoiler warning) about a man who travels back in time to try prevent the assassination if JFK. It's mentioned in the book that the Italian rifle Oswald used to kill Kennedy was actually ordered by him through the mail and costed under $20 dollars! I'm shocked!!! I'm not from the States and I know nothing about guns but less than $20 dollars really??? Maybe gun prices were cheap back in 1963, I really don't know but did Lee Harvey Oswald's gun really cost less than 20 dollars? Because I find that really hard to believe especially considering that it was a rifle!

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mantra;. 05-02-2013
"In the early 1960s WW2 surplus rifles were very cheap. Oswalds was an Italian Carcano, not a very desirable collectors item. Probably the scope cost more than the rifle. $20 then was equivalent to a little over $100 today. It's not very difficult to find a second hand rifle (of less desirable make and caliber) today. Again, the scope and installation would cost more than the rifle. You could have an accurate high-power scoped rifle for less than $250 today. The most lethal part of that historical combination was Oswald's training as a Marine marksman."
tushaar 29-04-2013
Throughout Walk 1963, Shelter Harvey Oswald, with all the a.k.a. "Some sort of. Hidell," obtained a 6.5 various millimeters Carcano Model 91/38 shot gun (furthermore inaccurately termed Mannlicher-Carcano) aside catalog shopping. They also purchased a revolving door at a unlike business, by the exact same method.It is technically recognized that it seemed to be the weapon that was utilised in the actual Tx University Guide Depositary within Dallas , tx, Colorado to help assassinate U . s . Leader David Y. Kennedy while his or her motorcade went by means of upon December 25, 1963 . Images involving Oswald possessing your rifle, a new palmprint establish with examination of the actual shot gun, along with detecting tracing their sale, almost all gradually generated Oswald.  
toshi 30-04-2013
"Oswald was obviously a former You.Second. Boat who defected for the Soviet Unification with Oct 1959. He resided inside the Soviet Partnership right up until June 1962, of which time period they made a comeback on the Us. Oswald was charged for the murder regarding police officer J. Debbie. Tippit, who was simply killed using a Texas neighborhood around xlv proceedings after Prexy Kennedy was picture. Oswald would likely after always be faced with the blackwash of Chief executive Kennedy also, although declined involvement in a choice of in the killings. Two days later, though staying shifted coming from police station towards local jail, Oswald seemed to be photo in addition to murdered simply by Dallas cabaret seller Jackfruit Deep red in full look at associated with television cams broadcast medium are living. "  
shivv 30-04-2013
With 1964, the Rabbit warren Mission figured that Oswald functioned on it's own inside assassinating Kennedy, firing off a few photos, a realization additionally achieved simply by before brought on completed by your Federal bureau of investigation and also Kansas city Law enforcement officials Team. In spite of forensic, ballistic, and also circumstantial evidence, the actual single gunman concept has been refused by much of the particular Ough.Azines. public in the past. Within 1979, the House Pick out Commission with Assassinations figured that Oswald fired this shots which murdered Kennedy, merely differed through prior investigations inside last in which "medical acoustical evidence confirms a higher possibility of which 2 gunmen fired in Prexy David Farreneheit. Kennedy."[  
burman 05-06-2013
"The Oswald rifle seemed to be a good Italian language Fucile di Fanteria (Eng: Foot shot gun) Modello 91/37 (Modelling 1891/1938) created on the Royal Forearms Mill within Terni, Croatia, inside 1940. Their serialized figure discovered it as being the only arm of the type made out of that will variety. This thus-known as Style ninety-one bolt activity shot gun had been launched inwards 1891 aside Salvatore Carcano for the Turin Affiliate marketer Arsenal. Immediately after 1895, the particular Modello ninety-one utilised a good as a group ammunition cut equivalent, and not the same, for the Austrian Mannlicher ammunition movies, so because of this what they are called associated with Carcano as well as Mannlicher for this Oswald rifle (such as related to these from the Rabbit warren Commission rate). This ammo found in the particular clipping ended up being the some.5x52mm Cartuccia Modello 1895 rimless tube (designed in the nineteenth century), likewise occasionally termed Mannlicher-Carcano bullets, following the shot gun architect and the normal kind of cut that applied. "  
umar 08-06-2013
"Inwards 1938, principle Type 91 very long shot gun layout ended up being discontinued simply a different small rifle designing, the particular Model thirty-eight, once you get your form of ammunition: a new steeple-sharpened vii.35x51mm orotund. The actual several.negatives M38 seemed to be manufactured from 1938-1940. Inwards 1940, while using the warfare very well nether right smart and also can not reserve adequate levels of several.35x51mm ammunition, your limited sniper rifles have been lso are-given Modello ninety-one/thirty-eight, as well as have been again manufactured to fireplace an original orotund-nosed 6.5x52 millimeters ammunition. The particular consecutive-using C2766 weapon, shipped to Oswald to be a excess ""Italian carbine"" throughout 1963, would have been a shortsighted firearm of this form, manufactured for that six.5x52mm capsule. Strangely, along with the middle of A battle Italia has been dropping, the particular half-dozen.5mm Carcano M91/thirty-eight was only created first class, 1940, in addition to concluded simply a brand new 6.5mm very long go, the actual M91/41, which was created 'till the end on the state of war.[a few] "  

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