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Which country won the exploration race?help!

For World History I have to write a paragraph over who won the exploration race. The options are England, France, Netherlands(Dutch), Spain, and Portugal. Thanks so much!

Answers (6)

asdlol2 05-02-2013
"Red cells DO NOT convert carbon dioxide to carbonic acid, etc. Carbon dioxide dissolves in water and then naturally forms carbonic acid, which then ionizes into bicarbonate and H+. This even happens as carbon dioxide from the air slowly dissolves in a glass of water. That water will slowly become acidic from the hydrogen ions released by this process. No red cells need be involved."
jooly 29-04-2013
"It turned out the 'race' between a couple superpowers over the frosty warfare era, USA plus the USSR. Both places can maintain various advantages, USSR sending the first homo into infinite, who built i complete reach of the world. The united states were the first one to land a guy on the Moon throughout July 1969. "  
durri 30-04-2013
"As you move the remark associated with materials inside space, known as astronomy, predates reliable noted history, it absolutely was the roll-out of substantial as well as somewhat efficient rockets over the early on twentieth century of which helped physical room search to turn into a simple fact. Typical rationales intended for checking out area consist of progressing research project, union different nations around the world, making certain the longer term emergency connected with humanity in addition to creating armed service as well as ideal rewards in opposition to other nations. Several criticisms regarding space search can be created. "  
ramavatar 30-04-2013
"There are many long term lunar quests timetabled or planned aside assorted places or maybe enterprises. "  
dhansukh 01-05-2013
"Infinite geographic expedition offers often been recently employed to be a procurator rivalry for geopolitical rivalries like the Chilly Warfare. Earlier time involving space seek was pushed by a ""Area Raceway"" between your Soviet Union and also the Usa, your introduction on the very first homo-produced mind reach our planet, the particular USSR's Sputnik i, upon some October 1957, plus the initial Lunar month clinching from the United states Apollo 12 create upon 30 Come july 1st 1969 in many cases are used since the restrictions due to this primary period. The particular Soviet infinite plan achieved a lot of the foremost key events, for example the 1st living being in orbit within 1957, the very first man space travel (Yuri Gagarin on-board Vostok i) in 1961, the 1st spacewalk (simply by Aleksei Leonov) along xviii 03 1965, the initial programmed attaining in an additional heavenly body in 1966, and also the introduction on the primary space platform (Salyut i) inwards 1971 "  
usama 08-06-2013
"Soon after Ww2 drew with a inclose the mid-twentieth century, a brand new turmoil commenced. Referred to as Cold-blooded State of war, this specific struggle uneven or dimpled skin earth's two wonderful forces–the democratic, capitalist U . s . and also the communistic Soviet Uniting–towards each other. From this overdue 50s, room might grow to be an additional dramatic market due to this competitors, since them wanted to verify the particular high quality of that technology, their military services firepower as well as–by means of off shoot–it is politics-economy. "

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