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What were the effects of the industrial revolution on imperialism?

"and why were so many European countries interested in becoming imperialist countries?i can't find the answer any were if anyone could please help me as soon as possible i would appreciate it alot thanks"

Answers (6)

deffstar 05-02-2013
Try reading a history textbook.
raam 27-05-2013
"While imperialism was around somewhat prior to industrial innovation,the idea offered developing nations a lot of reasons to browse that. "  
drup 30-05-2013
"Large garbage are required to properly retain a robust commercial saving.Numerous conceive the commercial wave commenced inwards excellent Brittan, that has been very efficient although tiny when it comes to territory,universe, and usable methods.This offers these a reason to colonize locations where you can find huge amounts associated with raw material instead of just purchasing the types of materials.Right after settlement, many people are in possession of a chance to carry these kinds of materials time for the homeland to produce their item.By way of imperialism, many people cut out the center person by simply getting the center gentleman "
amidi 01-06-2013
"......Half way with the modern-day time, individuals figured out making equipment go through using up powers. The primary of these equipment seemed to be the particular steam powerplant that will burnt coal to be able to warmth drinking water in which made heavy steam which pushed a piston that flipped one of the wheels. Things which have been expressed by hand in homes and retailers have been replaced through goods stated in bulk from cheaper simply by devices within producers. People got by no means eliminated swifter as compared to horse might hold them, but now vapor-run teaches along with ships moved individuals as well as merchandise faster and also more cost-effective than ever before. This technological revolution began with England's material (towel) generators from the later(a) eighteenth century and also spread along with other Western places in the 1800s. Most of these new technologies would certainly soon variety just how folks lived, plus they might determine who decided the entire world. "  
indian 05-06-2013
"......The economic Revolution impacted community in good and bad approaches. Producers could possibly produce things additional effortlessly when compared with hands toil, indeed folks might invest in a lot more goods and luxuriate in an increased lifestyle in comparison with ahead of. However, factories put option several craftspeople idle. Producers essential many more employees, which in turn brought on big migrations of people from the countryside towards the cities in which that they worked well extended stays regarding very low income piece residing in packed and insanitary conditions. Possibly young children labored possibly sixteen several hours a day turning into indeed tired these people fell into machines as well as ended up impaired as well as killed. "  
tahir 08-06-2013
"......Inside 50 years, the actual The english language producing capital of scotland- Liverpool progressed via 70,500 for you to 485,000 folks. Towns can't cope with the huge influx involving workers coming over to are employed in your producers from the Manufacturing Innovation. A dozen folks could possibly be packed unitedly available as one small bedroom within a tally-decrease apartment house known as the tenement. As a result of lack of sewage amenities, dirt has been everywhere, along with transmittable ailment murdered one particular kid within iv prior to the era of all 5. The economic Revolution has been generating a persons extremely prosperous, however many people ended up poor as well as residing within dismal ailments. "

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