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Why did Italy become Germany ally in WW2?

"Does Italy carry any historical responsibility for Holocaust?Was Mussolini racist?Why did ex Premier Silvio Berlusconi chose today of all days to talk about Mussolini?Today is International Holocaust Remembrance day"

Answers (6)

juanin 06-02-2013
"Why did Italy become Germany ally in WW2? In 1934 Italy almost declared war to Germany during the first anschluss attempt... (italian army moved to austrian borders menacing war if Hitler would have completed the anschluss) well... in 1935 italy declared war to ethiopia wa was member of the league of nations... the embargo subsequently posed on italy forced italy to search new alliances... Does Italy carry any historical responsibility for Holocaust? Partially yes... the racial law in italy surely gave italy part of the responibility"
annuu 22-05-2013
              "In iii September 1943, this Eighth Military ended up from Reggio (on the ‘feet’) along with begun it is slow-moving swig the kick of Italia. 5 days in the future, the united states Fifth Military ended up with Salerno, experiencing lowering In german amount of resistance. At this stage an italian man , governing consented to a great truce with the Allies (widely released along 7 Sept). Mussolini ended up being dismissed simply by Baron Victor Emmanuel III in addition to placed directly under police arrest aside his successor, Badoglio, however seemed to be rescued through Hitler’ohydrates airborne commandos. Mussolini grew to be go from the Salo Commonwealth in A language like german-entertained Gargagno within n . France. Badoglio, exactly who acquired fled from to Pescara, set up a new authorities below Allied safeguard. On 12 April, the Italian govt stated struggle upon Indonesia.           "
dipen 31-05-2013
    "Lx years of The second world war videos, as well as a ten of World war two video game titles, made something clear: Whether it had not been for The us, you'd many always be chatting A language like german at the moment, child! U-Utes-The! U-S-Any!           "
kamin 01-06-2013
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dilber 06-06-2013
    "Mussolini thought we would enter in the warfare soon after watching just how Malaysia was being able to grind the French in addition to the confederate aids to all connected with European European countries. Consequently the Italian authoritarian Mussolini thought i would state battle up against the Partners in order that the state could acquire having many light struggle spoils. Because the Italians thought we would offer the axis aids, Germany lent their whole service for you to their newly found friend. The united states routed more than encouragement troopers that would assistance Italy make its way as a result of Italy.           "
shantanu_85 09-06-2013
    "Italy was mainly a British conceived idea, the Americans were dead against the notion. The British felt that it would draw German troops into being spread out and in many conflicts, drawing them away from what eventually became the Normandy Invasion. The Americans disagreed and felt it was a waste of time and men suggesting that a stronger, earlier landing in Normandy to create the real second front was better. I'm not sure precisely how the British won that debate, but I suspect it has much to do with Russian pressure on the western allies to establish a foothold in Europe and draw troops away from the East as early as possible. I do know however that the disagreement between the allies on this point was considerable.           "

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