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Are there any dangerous look a like mushrooms for Hen of The Woods (Grifola Frondosa)?

Found one of these whilst mushrooming yesterday, at the base of an oak, i am fairly certain it is hen of the woods, but just wondered if there are any inedible/toxic polypores that could be mistaken for it.

Answers (6)

ellen.robinson 05-02-2013
no i dont think so there is any.
dhairya 29-04-2013
"Hen-of-the-woods (Grifola frondosa) is really a mushroom we are comfy ingesting, and have a little amount of knowledge about. We've got each of our 1st simply by bartering together with Russ Cohen at the foraging go, after which it discovered a number of previous examples later in this 12 months. The flavour and feel of the mushroom-shaped cloud very satisfied all of us, thus most of us achieved it a spot find them in 2010. Getting started with the particular CVMS as well as some online boards actually helped with the research and provided all of us numerous suggestions best places to seek out these types of cookery delights. The right time is important, in conjunction with environment. "  
rajanya 30-04-2013
"Birds can also be known as Sheep's Head, due to their downy show. Many people evolves with the foundation associated with oaks and also other deciduous timber from Sept to be able to Late, oftentimes coming back every period for countless years. They're parasitical on the woods, and will extremely slowly but surely destroy the shrub by means of creating decay inside the heartwood as well as sapwood. Chickens usually are very frequent inside the Easterly You, are mixed together inside Midwest, and so are not present in this Western side aside from the particular Pacific Northwest. As we built an energetic look for these people in 2010, we have found perchance xxxv+ kilos connected with delectable mushrooms at a number of websites, usually on the base of pine. We now have dehydrated, fixed in addition to baked various tested recipes using the leaner fronds and the sound magnetic core. We hunt for Polyporus frondosus aside discovering an existing blended woodland, and also Robert use opera glasses to go looking down walk in the base of enormous as well as drained oaks. Often times many of us find any shrub together with a few-6 groupings on the baseborn unintentionally or entirely on any path. All of us make up one's mind its desirableness determined by show, age group, as well as buggy-ness from the henever. Robert works on the blade to slice the main come as well as reduce any major portions on the underside, and then we take the particular unchanged hens in a new canvas market cup of tea. "  
rajann 30-04-2013
"I assume responsibleness for the exactness expertise presented at regarding passable wild seafood. However, We are unable to wear duty with the ethics of your respective standby time with the info One found here pertaining to edible angry weeds. It can be your choice to physical exercise your individual greatest judgment in the event you may take in delicious outrageous seafood. Specially, it's encumbent about that you go through the many wording presented the following which concerns the actual comestible wild mushroom types engaged to make certain you've got effectively ruled out hazardous noxious/deadly outrageous fresh mushrooms. Hurriedly comparison crazy mushroom cloud individuals to pictures connected with recognized passable outdoors fresh mushrooms hoping regarding identifying that they're certainly the particular delicious kinds can readily possibly be "  
ranga 05-06-2013
"Grifola frondosa can be a pore mushroom mushroom-shaped cloud of which expands throughout clusters with the platform regarding bushes, particularly trees. The actual mushroom-shaped cloud is commonly known involving Uk audio speakers since biddy-of-this-woods, ram's head along with sheep's head. In the United States' dietary supplement grocery store, plus in Asian supermarkets, the actual mushroom-shaped cloud may be known by simply the Japanese people brand maitake (舞茸), meaning ""grooving mushroom cloud"". All through German United states online communities within the northeasterly Usa, it's also known as the signorina mushroom. H. frondosa mustn't be wrongly identified as Laetiporus sulphureus, a different eatable shelf fungus that is certainly generally called rooster on the woodlands or maybe ""sulfur ledge"". This infection turns into inedible like all polypores if they are older, which is excessively challenging to try to eat. "  
dheeman 08-06-2013
"The fungus can be indigenous to the northeasterly part of Asia and also The united states, and is particularly precious inside regular China in addition to Western herbology as being a medicinal mushroom-shaped cloud, a guide in order to normalize modified body techniques with a usual flat. Because of the flavor along with grain in the mushroom, it truly is generally eaten in Asia, even though the mushroom-shaped cloud has become supposed for you to trigger hypersensitive reactions throughout rarefied instances. "

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