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How to make a dichotomous key?HELP!

I have this project for my sci class and i have to make a dichotomous key but the problem is i don't know how to make one!!!! Plz help

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bnsii 28-05-2013
    "Making your personal dichotomous key can be simply done for several living or even inanimate things that you would like to organize by means of forcible characteristics. This may be a excellent means for assisting persons shuffle findings and also comprehend a few actual physical characteristics which might be essential for acquisition the best way to classify factors. Stick to these kind of fundamental guidelines when generating an integral and you really are on the way:           "
javed 31-05-2013
    "Group is important understand the actual normal globe. All of the facts known approximately dwelling varieties is needed to set up these people in to a kind of genealogy, which will help all of us to determine your parallels in addition to variations that exist inside the living things all over. A new dichotomous secret's tips for categorization and also detection, to some degree just like a chart by using a category method that was developed formerly. Dichotomous emanates from this Ancient greek root dich-, that means ""two"" and also temnein, meaning ""to slice"". By request a few inquiries to which in turn there are simply a couple potential solutions according to the object to possibly be recognized, the key leads customers when it comes to the best recognition. Several parts of this normal planet that were grouped, categorized and sorted can be determined utilizing a dichotomous key. Dichotomous important factors is usually formulated to name everything in any sort of categorization. Let’utes develop your own dichotomous factor to greater comprehend these individuals.           "
dipendu 07-06-2013
    "Some sort of dichotomous secret's a new consultation software used mostly in the field of biology. The item makes it possible for the consumer to ascertain what an organism is as simple as respondent numerous queries which have merely 2 potential answers. Eventually, your answers will point into a certain living thing or maybe some better taxonomical flat. Dichotomous keys can be extremely wide or even extremely particular. To generate a critical, you want a workings familiarity with the particular variations in between teams of plant structur. The harder unique the real key, greater cognition you will need.           "
shobi 10-06-2013
    "Some sort of dichotomous key's a computer device to use to simply place a mystery organism.  The term dichotomous emanates from a couple Greek actor's line that unitedly bastardly, ""split by 50 % areas"".  The dichotomous important includes a combination of two partially transactions of which summarize sign of creatures.  Each and every move of any dichotomous crucial the person can be exhibited ii selections.  Because drug user is really a selection in regards to a particular characteristic of a living thing there're generated a different part of the critical.  At some point the person will probably be led to the being likely trying to discover.           "

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