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Why is a sweet potato considered to be a root, but a white potato is not?

I've a task credited in the future. You should provide you with the applicable solution.

Answers (6)

asdlol2 05-02-2013
I searched for white potato.. There r hell lot of white potatoes and in wiki, it shows that white potatoes r roots.. They r also a form of potato..
jooly 29-04-2013
"The actual sweet potato vine (Ipomoea batatas) is a dicotyledonous vegetable that will belongs to the household Convolvulaceae. The prominent, buckram, sweet-mouth watering, tuberous sources are a main organic. The actual small results in along with shoots out are often ingested since greens. In the around l genera and most i,thousand varieties of Convolvulaceae, My partner and i. batatas will be the just plant plant connected with major significance—some people are widely-used in your neighborhood, today some are in fact poisonous. This Ipomoea batatas is only distantly related your murphy (Solanum tuberosum) and belong the particular nightshade loved ones. "
durri 30-04-2013
"Special carrots are a totally distinct veggie as compared to standard oranges. It isn't even just in the identical organic household. Although each is an important veggie, worthy of a location inside a good diet, the two of these ingredients characteristic diverse preferences and also unique health rewards. Sweet oranges give a coordinator involving vitamins and an extraordinary array of herbal antioxidants. They preference tasty, are really easy to make and will supply in a variety of dishes, even in some that will demand white colored oranges. "
booby 30-04-2013
"Exactly what research genuinely demonstrates: Bright potatoes in addition to nice potatoes rich person supporting dietary differences; i isn't just a lot better than the opposite. As an example, fairly sweet taters have an overabundance of soluble fiber as well as a vitamin, merely white oranges are larger within vital vitamins and minerals, for example flat iron, magnesium mineral, and also K. When it comes to list, nice oranges are generally cheaper on the scale, nevertheless parched bright potatoes typically may not be eaten devoid of mozerella, sour cream, or maybe butter. These types of toppings many check excess fat, that lessens the particular list of the supper. "
dhansukh 01-05-2013
"What skill really demonstrates: White apples and nice carrots possess supporting dietary distinctions; i isn't necessarily superior to one other. For example, sweet potatoes convey more fibers along with vit a, merely white apples ar better inside necessary minerals, such as in terms of iron, magnesium, and potassium. Straightforward glycemic index, sweet apples are cheaper around the level, yet scorched white colored potatoes typically usually are not eaten devoid of parmesan cheese, sour cream, or even butter. These types of toppings many incorporate fatty, which lowers your glycemic index of your food. "
shazia 08-06-2013
    "Though you will find more than a hundred kinds of comestible potatoes of which home in dimensions, condition, color, amylum content material as well as flavoring, your sweet potato vine is just not one too. These two tooth root greens have been by a couple of contrasting people. This potato's scientific title, Solanum tuberosum displays which it is among the Solanaceae family members whose other members contain tomato vegetables, eggplants, zucchini, and tomatillos.           "

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