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An acid will turn litmus paper_, and a base will turn litmus paper_.?

Hi all! In a class group discussion I was asked to describe it. Can some one provide the solution.

Answers (6)

rechel-- 05-02-2013
Acid turns blue litmus paper to red and base turn red litmus paper to blue.
divit 29-04-2013
"Acid turns it in red, while base will turn it blue. "
faroq 30-04-2013
"Way back when I was in high school (3000 BC) acid turned litmus paper pink and a base turned it blue. "
dheemant 30-04-2013
"HCl (hydrochloric acid) is an acid so it will turn litmus paper red. "
burman 30-04-2013
"Alkali will go from red litmus to blue. "
rajendraa 07-06-2013
    "I'm not sure las vegas dui attorney ask this doubt. Virtually any volume on Simple Biochemistry can tell you which acid spins litmus test reddish and also base will transform bluish. Will probably be green within natural issue.           "

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