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Briefly explain the implications for the Figure and ground principle

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November 8th, 2012 10:34
in Consumer Behaviour by amodini (Davis & Elkins College (WV), Computer sciences)

Briefly explain the implications for the Figure and ground principle of Perceptual Organization?

Has some one got information of the Perceptual Organization's Figure and Group implications?

1 Answers
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November 13th, 2012 10:16
prindhorn (Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (MA), American literature)
"The implication that a marketer needs to draw from the principle is that: - While placing their brands in a store, the packaging should be such that the brand stands out against the many others which should recede to the background. Thus, the packaging design should be chosen very carefully. - While designing advertisements, it is essential that footage is given to the product and or brand rather than the spokesperson (model, celebrity, expert etc.). The marketing stimulus (for example, the product and its image as well as the message), must be seen as the figure and not the ground. The advertisements should not be so entertaining visually or emotionally that such elements become the figure and the product recedes to the background. The target audience should be able to differentiate the product image and the message as the figure, clearly distinct from the scenery or the model, which will be the ground. The product should stand out as the figure and the spokesperson should recede into the ground. Source:"

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