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myfuture 12-11-2012
"Stimulus generalization: Stimulus generliaztion is defined as a phenomenon that occurs when a stimulus is so similar to another stimulus, that the former evokes the same response as the latter; in other words, what happens is that a new stimulus is so similar to an already existing conditioned stimulus that it elicits the same conditioned response. According to Pavlov, a living entity also learns via stimulus generalization. In fact, while conducting his experiment, Pavlov discovered that the dog had learnt to salivate not only to the sound of the bell, but also the jingling of bells and keys. In terms of marketing: 1. This is the reason behind the success of imitative “me too” products/brands. There is a stimulus generalization on the part of the consumers who fail to differentiate between the “me too” from the original products/brands. 2. Apart from the “me-too” marketers, there may also be competitors (market challengers and followers) who may want to encourage stimulus generalization to take advantage of the market leader’s position; they go in for similar packaging or advertisements or may even use the same models and celebrities for their advertisements. 3. Also in case where a brand is very successful, and the marketer is diversifying into other related product lines, he adopts this principle to encourage generalization for all the new product lines by using similar packaging for all the different products in a product line. Source:"
anushka 27-01-2013
The disposition with regard to stimuli exactly like the trained stimulation to manufacture a acquired reflex.
sonu-kap 27-01-2013
Stimulus generalization: (mindset) transport of a result knowing one government into a identical incitement
shahi 29-01-2013
Generalisation is the one other mastering trend which might be highlighted aside in condition(p) taste distaste.
nooor 30-01-2013
Taste antipathy continues to be proven inside a wide variety of equally attentive and also totally free-running potential predators. In these reports, wildlife which take the tempt tied with an insensible amount of the aversion broker avoid each baits as well as dwell victim concentrating on the same taste along with smell because the baits.
saravati 15-02-2013
This kind of occurrence shows that any of us are likely to develop aversions extending its love to sorts of meal which appear to be the foodstuff which usually causal agent you illness.

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