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Career Choice Problem?

Ok I'm going to be a senior next year in highschool and need a little advice on what to study to help achieve my job dream which is to be a botanist. Ever since I was 11 I have always had a thing for plants. I always loved growing them, harvesting and repeating the process. At 13, I always grew tropical plants. I lived in Canada so it was hard but I managed to do it. I grew banana, dragon fruit, vanilla, star fruit, sugar cane and lemon. I have grown plants in hydroponics, tried aeroponics but aeroponics didn't work out on the first try so I tried again and successfully grown beans. So short story I really enjoy plants and really good at growing them. I want to work for Disney at Epcot for the Living with the Land greenhouse. So my question is, with the info giving above, can I maybe sometime work there?

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raimond 28-01-2013
Of course it's a possibility. On their jobs site, they list careers such as you're looking for under Horticulture, which might be a college program you could look into. This deals more with the growing of plants for sale, decorating, or landscaping than pure Botany, which is a lot of structure, physiology, and relationships between taxonomic groups/evolution of plants. Not that Botany isn't good to have in your background, along with some chemistry and math.
aboil 25-04-2013
Jejune occupational option is swayed through many factors, which includes life linguistic context, individual aptitudes, in addition to academic acquisition.
saini 26-04-2013
No matter if school-bound or maybe operate-bound, assembly task in this developmental motorola milestone is crucial within young people' lifestyles.
ramashray 27-04-2013
The actual qualitative analyze described the following investigated factors which perform important assignments in outlying high school elderly people in addition to over 16 job option procedure.
devidas 27-04-2013
The cultural along with cultural linguistic context of family and local community ended up found to be critical in the way youthfulness discover jobs and also important within the decision method.
sangeil 29-04-2013
Extendable methods of which focus on mom and dad along with area to boost their particular guidance inwards youth life history assortment may advertize sound job selections.

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