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Answers (4)

andreasphd 28-01-2013
You are doing realize that it really is unlawful to inquire about this dilemma?
ramu.kaka 26-03-2013
Well i do it this way / put orajel on on a cookie sheet About a whole tube of it make sure on the back it sais it has benzocaine If so empty out the tube on to a cookie sheet put it in a preheated oven at about 100 degrees Fahrenheit For 15 mins.
burhn 29-03-2013
take out the cookie sheet and scrape the orajel into a pyrex dish add about 50 ml of rubbing alchohol per tube Swirl the mixture around for about 5 mins until it starts to disolve then Put it on a stove and heat enought to melt the orajel ad more and more alchohol as it begins to evaporate then increase heat. And let it sit for 30 secs Pour it into a jar. With about 40 grams of lye and 20 ml of water Close the jar and shake it up let it sit for a couple of mins Evaporate mixture finally Put it ina pyrex dish with 10 ml of water and 30 grams of baking soda continue heating stir the mixture for 2 mins and then begin to let cool and stop stirring then filter it through a napkin wrap up the napkin and freeze it for an hour. Finally you have sythetic cocaine (benzocaine ) sorry i forgot to say it is only smokable Also add Weed or etc.
mani.mana 30-03-2013
. Username test it having codeine and even catnip wich supposedly possesses phsycoactive components if you utilize codeine consider the tablets pulverization these individuals upwards and hang up in the part of aluminum foil in addition to under it use heat or a flare suck in blue devils profoundly . Have fun ( Short letter: we wilk 't be held accountable for virtually any wound

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