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What is the reserve word and standard identifier in C plus plus?

"Hi, I want a solution

What is wrong with this code:if (x < y < z) cout << x << "" < "" << y << "" < "" << z << endl;"

Answers (1)

danmarino 12-11-2012
"The programmer probably intended to test the condition (x < y andand y < z). The code as written will compile and run, but not as intended. For example, if the prior values of x, y, and z are 44, 66, and 22, respectively, then the algebraic condition “x < y < z” is false. But as written, the code will be evaluated from left to right, as (x < y) < z. First the condition x < y will be evaluated as “true.” But this has the numeric value 1, so the expression (x < y) is evaluated to 1. Then the combined expression (x < y) < z is evaluated as (1) < 66 which is also true. So the output state-ment will execute, erroneously reporting that 44 < 66 < 22."

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