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Answers (6)

shalabh_li43y 25-02-2013
Two or more simple subjects joined by and, or, or but that have the same predicate.
puja 25-02-2013
A topic that contains several uncomplicated subjects accompanied by some sort of choosing junction (along with, but, or perhaps) and that have similar proclaim.
dipeshh 26-02-2013
Inside grammar, a compound topic is a type of topic in which 2 or more single noun phrases usually are coordinated to form a individual, larger nominal phrase. Colonial topics cause several troubles from the correct use of grammatic arrangement relating to the topic and other agencies (rbs, pronouns, and so forth.).
dhairya 26-02-2013
In reality, these issues are not specific to compound subjects as such, coming up equally as well with compound noun phrases of all sorts; but the problems are most acute with compound subjects because of the large number of types of agreement occurring with such subjects.
dhananjay 26-02-2013
An additional concern in English is that there are special rules for pronouns in compound subjects. Although English has morphological case distinctions in pronouns , grammatical case is not a living characteristic of the spoken language, and hence the case-based terms subjective case (e.g. for I) vs. objective case (e.g. for me) are misleading.
ivie 01-10-2013

Two or more subjects that share the same verb in a sentence


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